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Men's Issues Counselling

You want to be the best man you can be. I believe in that too. What could be getting in the way? Men tend to struggle more with certain issues like anger, high performance and the use of pornography, but men also usually avoid counselling so that anxiety or depression remains hidden for years. In male culture, we avoid talking about our mental struggles. Expectations of being independent, in charge and capable make us want to hide our worries and pain.

Man sitting alone thinking seriously about his life and relationships

We start counselling by suspending all judgement and advice so we can open the door to sorting out what is really happening. The good news is that many men experience exactly the same battles with disappointments, urges, anger, expectations and lack of support. I am a man who can relate to all of those. I also know what it is like to try to power through with our manly determination, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. In men's issues counselling, we use your real strengths to bring that man to life. A few habits and old ways of thinking are tying you down right now so maybe we can those aside. New thinking and new actions are needed. I will help you with the small steps it takes to get started. Feel free to call me and find out more about counselling 236-600-9923, or use the contact link on the home page.


Some Self-help Starters for Men's Issues

  1. Find a mentor. This is tried and true. You need to be with another man who can listen and talk with you about love, family, suffering, discouragement and inspiration, to name a few. If you are surrounded by men who only talk about hardware, work and hobbies, you are mostly alone with your troubles. A mentor is someone who can handle deeper topics and then show you how to apply a positive outlook. But first, check to see that he will keep your conversations private.

  2. Give yourself a break. All of us feel like a loser once in a while. It happens. If you are reading this, it means that you care and hope for a better way. Hard times like this will forge a stronger, man than you have ever been. If you saw a friend worried and discouraged, it would make sense to go for coffee and tell him that better times are ahead. It's ok to tell yourself that too.

  3. Believe in something good. Read and learn about something that makes life meaningful. There are books, videos, and podcasts about active, creative and spiritual activities for men. It's not just about being a man; it's about being a real, wise, whole person. Find system to study and follow.

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