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Is it time to tackle the struggles that hold you back?

We can work on that together

I'm a counsellor whose first job is to listen with acceptance and understanding so we can start right where you are now. That makes sense to me. I am a person who likes to do that anyway, in a counselling office or anywhere else. That is where I like to start.

Counselling Basics

I hope to help you step back and look at what is really happening in your mind and emotions. Mind and emotions filter how we see the world. When you have turmoil, or fear, or hopelessness on the inside it becomes impossible to solve life's problems. That is why your "mental health" matters so much. The person who is going to solve your big challenges deserves some care and that is... you! I work to turn my client's attention toward the forces acting on them from the inside, whether they are emotions, past experiences, or habitual thinking. There are powerful ways of learning to notice what is happening inside, what drives us to do what we do. I will take the time to help you learn methods that work for you. 

Counselling Focus

I enjoy working with the best-known practices in counselling, which are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) as well as the Gottman Method of Couples Counselling. I also specialize in conflict communications. These approaches are very helpful for many issues:

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Depression

  • Mid Life Crisis

  • Communication in Marriage

  • Parenting

  • Career Changes

  • Anger

  • ADHD 

The ideas and tools I offer in counselling are ones that make sense in my own life and relationships too. I like to study counselling psychotherapy research to make sure I am using the best possible approaches for the issues my clients bring.

Dixon Zalit, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Dixon Zalit,
BA, RTC, ConRes


Life Experience

My life has included working in professions and in trades over the years.  Married 39 years, we have three daughters, a son and some grandchildren now too. All that seems to help me relate to the lives of my clients. Marriage and parenting can be hard at times and rewarding in the end. For hobbies, I also make music, go fishing, ride a motorcycle and do volunteer work.

I'm happy to have a conversation with you on the phone to see if counselling with me would fit what you need.
Call me at 236-600-9923.
Or book an appointment for a free consultation or counselling session.

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