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Counselling for Men

Sometimes men find it helpful to talk with another man in counselling. There is no rule that says you have to, but some clients say to me, "I need to talk with a man this time."

How Counselling for Men Helps

Does your counsellor understand you? If the answer is yes, surveys have proven that you will get better results from counselling. When your counsellor understands you and what your life has been like, it is much easier to get started working together. 

A Safe Place to Be Yourself

Straight off the top, we might share some common experiences. Many of us have gone through some of these:

  • Being under pressure to perform, be responsible, and endure hardship without complaining

  • Working in a male-dominated or blue-collar environment for decades

  • Being married to a woman and making mistakes with that

  • Being a father and making mistakes with that

  • Avoiding talking about feelings

  • Dealing with anger

  • Adapting to life past 60

 Each of those areas can challenge us with difficulties as we try to mature and find peace with ourselves. When I bring "tools" to counselling, I really pay attention to what fits my client's needs. Here are some things we might work towards:

  • Learn to use emotional language that fits you

  • Learn to communicate on a deeper level 

  • Regain a woman's trust

  • Accept your limits

  • Accept that you have important needs

  • Identify how childhood experiences affected you

  • Heal old, hidden wounds

  • Manage explosive emotion

  • Adapt to getting older

There are just some topics. 

Is It Real Counselling?

For sure, just because I am old or experienced in life doesn't make my counselling special. And it's not my job to give advice because something worked for me.


It's my responsibility to offer serious counselling approaches based on well-tested therapy methods, careful listening and gradual, step-by-step learning. I am accountable to a professional counselling organization the ACCT,  who certifies my credentials. I only offer counselling in areas I have studied and been trained for. 

I'm happy to discuss this on the phone or in a free consultation meeting. Use the contact form below, call me at 236-600-9923 or book an appointment here.

Counselling for Men

Counselling for Men

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