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Mid Life Crisis Counselling in Vernon

Life goes through stages that demand we adapt. It can be shocking to discover that everything is not going as you had planned or hoped. Progress might have stalled or worse, it looks like you have taken the wrong path in life altogether. It is normal for us to struggle through some stages of life but once in a while, the changes are severe and painful, without a clear way out


What is Mid-Life Crisis?

When we hit a certain age, we tend to look back and imagine a report card on how well we have done at life. This often happens around 40 but it can be 30, 50, and 60 as well. Looking back, it's common to notice things have not gone as well as we expected. Maybe we made some big mistakes, or maybe we just had some bad luck. Either way, we sure notice that time is running out. 

Once we realize that time is running out, something bad could happen. Hopelessness might take over, ending the motivation to try again. Or, desperation might take over, making us feel anxious and tense about somehow getting progress going in a hurry. You might find yourself caring too much, or maybe caring too little Everyone has their own version of this phase of life. 

How Can Counselling Help?

In counselling, we pay attention the changes happening, and what that means for your future. You will not just recover your old self, and get "back to normal." Instead, you are going to become wiser and more focused on what matters. A "new you" is being formed, the next version of yourself that has grown and is ready for the next stage of life. In time you will feel balanced again. Here in Vernon, I offer in-person counselling to help we these goals. 

  • Getting some confidence back. If things have gone badly, you might be starting to think there is no hope. A circle of thoughts that spirals down can break your will to get going again. Let's work on breaking away from that, and take steps towards a future worth living in.

  • Pinpoint the ideals and values you care about, then plan to get those into action. Sometimes we try to be everything to everybody and wind up crushed under a load of expectations accumulated over the years. This work is a bit like cleaning out a cluttered basement so you can keep only the most important items.

  • Separate your strengths from your weaknesses. Your strengths may be hidden now, so finding out how to apply them is key. Trying to be like someone else who looks like they have it made is so hard, and ends in failure. Instead, a good plan for the future will work by taking advantage of your own abilities and experience.

  • Use practical problem-solving and communication to change your situation. When your mind runs in a circle of worry and indecision, nothing really gets figured out. Counselling can help narrow down the choices and offer new tactics for working with difficult people in your life.

  • Improve your network of personal relationships. Loss of friendships or colleagues will naturally give us a feeling of hopelessness about being alone. Let's talk about recovering your confidence for reaching out to the kind of relationships that matter.

  • Maybe it is time to deal with the big, big questions: death, purpose, responsibility and freedom. We humans usually want answers, and that is what makes us different from all the other creatures on earth. If you want to step back and look at the big picture, I'm ready to talk seriously about that.


I would be happy to talk with you more about this. Call 236-600-9923 or use the contact or booking form below. 


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