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Couples and Marriage Counselling in Vernon

Has your relationship dropped into a pattern of arguments that don't get anything accomplished? When you try to solve something, does the conversation end with hurt, anger or silence?

Smiling Couple enjoying conversation about their healthy relationship

What Happens in Couples Counselling?


If your relationship has descended into conflict or hopelessness, we need to address what is getting between you. Once, when you were first in love, communication and understanding came more naturally. Now that the realities of daily life have gotten in the way, it will take a bit of effort to rebuild a close connection. Love and life together can make the effort worthwhile. Here are the top goals for counselling sessions: 

  • Improve communication skills for better speaking and understanding on both sides

  • Practice communication in sessions

  • Get beyond the details of daily arguments to the hopes and hurts beneath

  • Practice responding to each other's deeper needs

  • Build skills for repairing after "heat of the moment" conflicts

  • Understand the unique strengths and weaknesses we bring to the relationship

I would be glad to tell you more on the phone (236-600-9923), online or in a free consultation in Vernon or Armstrong.

Couples Counselling Approaches

For our in-person counselling sessions in Vernon or Armstrong, our activities will be based on two of the most effective couples counselling methods.

Gottman Method Couples Counselling

This method focuses on rebuilding friendship and modifying conflict so couples are able to overcome daily problems and enjoy being together. If there has been betrayal between partners, rebuilding trust is a primary focus. Communication skills, both listening and speaking, help couples to achieve better understanding and acceptance of each other. 

Emotion Focused Therapy

Sometimes communication skills are just not enough. When hurt feelings on both sides lurk in the background of couple discussions, it helps to dig deeper and work with emotion. Each of us has a history that left us with a unique set of hopes and vulnerabilities. Emotion Focused Therapy teaches couples to see how their own feelings and reactions can actually help as they learn to reach for each other and feel safe together again. 


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