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Is My Counselling is Covered By Insurance?

If you have insurance that might cover counselling, check to see who and what is covered.

Checking Your Policy

Insurance policies differ in what they cover. They define "counselling," "clinical counselling," and "psychotherapy" differently. Some insurance providers allow your counsellor to bill directly; others reimburse you after you have paid the counsellor's invoice. My best advice is to call your provider and check. They can tell you if the counsellor you have selected is eligible for coverage.

Once you know you have coverage, the designation of your counsellor may determine if you can get coverage for that counsellor.

Counsellor Designations

Registered Therapeutic Counsellors - RTC

There are many RTCs in Vernon, giving you a wide selection of counsellors to choose from. I am an RTC. Our professional association is the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, an organization that certifies counsellors who have education, competence and excellence in the counselling profession. In my experience as an RTC, my clients are eligible for reimbursed by these providers:

  • Sun Life (counselling or psychotherapy)

  • Green Shield (clinical counselling)

  • Equitable Life of Canada

  • Blue Cross (clinical counselling)

Registered counsellors are usually not covered by these companies:

  • Canada Life

  • ICBC

Registered Clinical Counsellors - RCC and Social Workers - RSC

RCCs belong to the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. and have a master's degree in counselling. RSCs belong to the British Columbia Association of Social Workers and have a BA degree in social work. They are certified to provide mental health services in publicly funded health care and rehabilitation settings as well as private practice. RCCs and RSCs are covered by all insurance providers as well.

For more information about counsellors here in Vernon, see my post, Finding a Counsellor in Vernon BC.

Dixon Zalit is a counsellor in Vernon BC, offering counselling for stress and anxiety, relationships, and other self-management topics.



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